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Simple and easy way to create a modern website, integrated with Google profile.

For who?

The app is based on the premise: let the professionals do what they do best! We entrust the treatment to doctors, we entrust the repair of cars to mechanics, and let the advertising that attracts customers do themselves thanks to our application.

If you run a local business and you want to attract new customers, this is the solution for you.
Our application will do ads on Google for you using Google search ads, YouTube, display ads. She will propose and choose for you keywords, ad rates and !!! ad content.

The Internet is where everything connects to everything. Just like users who use Facebook, Google search engine, maps and hundreds of other things to combine the obtained information into one whole.
Our application does similarly to connect the two worlds of Facebook and Google to optimize campaigns and ad content in the other world based on data from one world.

How exactly does it work?

It is enough to spend several minutes at a time to carefully configure your company profile at one time. The system will automatically connect to your fanapge, Google business card, advertising account, Google Analytics account and other tools to download and analyze historical data. Then, based on your answers to a few simple questions, it will prepare an advertising campaign in the Google network in 100% for you.

Maintain constant relationships with your clients

A Google business card is the perfect place to monitor interest in your offer. However, such places cannot be empty. You have to fill them with interesting content and update the offer. Thanks to our integration with Facebook, your FB posts will automatically be published on the Google business card.

The more up-to-date content, the greater the chance of a high quality rating from Google’s algorithms, which means that your business card will appear more often and higher in search engines than websites of other companies.

Acquire new customers

Thanks to the direct integration of the website with Google services, the system will be able to create dedicated advertising campaigns generating traffic to the website or acquiring contacts, which do not require knowledge or knowledge of advanced advertising tools. Basic information such as the type of service, budget and duration of the promotion is sufficient. At the end, thanks to statistical data in an aggregated form, the system in one place, in a simple and transparent way, will answer the age-old questions “How many interested customers, not viewers, visited my website?” or “How many people interested in the offer contacted me thanks to the advertisement?” that is, it answers the question WHAT DOES IT GIVE ME?

What about advertising?

Thanks to direct integration of the website with Facebook and Google platforms, the system will be able to create dedicated advertising campaigns, generating traffic on the website and gaining new contacts, with no need of knowing all the sophisticated advertising tools. Basic information on type of service, budget and promotion period is enough. And finally, thanks to aggregated statistical data, in one place the system presents an answer to long-standing question: “How many customers visited my website?” or “How many customers contacted me thanks to the advertisement?”.


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Auto-targeting ads
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Activation fee* (+93zł)
Access for 12 months**

* The activation fee is connected with the launch of the Forsant tool and an additional option, payable depending on the selected package. ** The planned launch of the service is the beginning of 2022. All prices on our website are net prices.